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WoodSoft Colours *
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Categories Trade Show Flooring , SoftFloors , Daycare Flooring

Wood Soft tiles



These wood look tiles are great for a number of projects, but if you use them for trade shows they make a great surface with having sloped borders to really give your area a finished look.

Border pieces will need to be ordered and you can do so by clicking on the image below same with the corners. The borders are 2' long. And the corners come with two pieces to give you the corner finished look.



SoftTiles Wood Grain Foam Mat Border        Wood Soft Border Piece

                                                                                                        2' long piece - $ 3.99 Each

SoftTiles Wood Grain Foam Mats Corners      Wood Soft Corner Border pieces

Comes in two pieces to make a full corner. $ 15.50

SoftTiles Borders Wood EndcapsNEW! Wood Soft "End Cap"- Use this piece if you're bordering around only one piece or the end of a single column of mats.


  • SoftTiles 2x2 Wood Pattern Foam Mat 5/8" Thick($ 12.99/Mat)
  • SoftTiles Wood Side Sloped Border $ 3.99/Piece (each Border piece is 2 feet long)
  • SoftTiles Wood Corner Sloped Border ($ 15.50 /Corner pair-Each piece is 2 feet

Don't forget to add your borders and corners at the end of your order.

  • woodsoft-tile-borders-1389557977-png

    WoodSoft Tile Borders

  • woodsoft-corners-pieces-1389557866-png

    WoodSoft Corners Pieces