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Category Rubber Mulch

Rated the safest rubber mulch and groundcover on the market for playgrounds

  2000 lb super sack

Provides superior drainage and minimizes dust, keeping children clean

Nugget Rubber Mulch, made from 100% recycled rubber, is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and commercial landscaping applications. Rated as the safest groundcover on the market, Nugget Rubber Mulch also provides superior drainage and minimizes dust, keeping children clean while at play.
*Installation instructions below.

  • Provides a soft surface to help keep children safe on the playground
  • Creates a pliable, resilient surface to help reduce the stress on joints and bones
  • 99.9% wire free
  • Exceeds standards set by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Aurora Rubber Flooring Mulch is the most affordable rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and paths
  • Maintains beauty even after years of exposure to the elements
  • Made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials approved by the EPA and Northwest Laboratories of Seattle, Inc.
  • Inhibits growth of molds and fungi, reducing allergy risk
  • Five times heavier than wood mulches, this rubber mulch will not float, absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding
  • Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects
  • Available in Earthtone, Redwood, Caribbean Blue, Forest Green, black

Playground Safety Surface Mulch by Aurora Rubber Flooring

Playground Rubber Mulch Safety Surface

How to use: Spread 6 inches deep. Check depth annually to ensure proper mulch depth of 6 inches is maintained. Add additional mulch if necessary. Where to Use: Throughout entire play area. Ensure a minimum 6 foot safety zone around all play structures. Where Not to Use: On Playground equipment. Use as playground safety surface only. Why to Use: IPEMA certified to provide up to 16’ of fall height protection per ASTM F1292-09 at a 6” compacted depth Saves time and money by eliminating annual mulching Prevents weeds 12 year color-lock guarantee Up to 2X coverage per cu ft vs wood mulch Resists rodent infestation Does not float or blow away Will not rot No mold, fungus or mildew Wheel chair accessible per ASTM F1951-99

When to Use: Anytime.