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Rubber Mulch

 Aurora Rubber Flooring Playground Rubber Mulch makes playgrounds and play areas safer by providing superior head impact protection. Falls and accidents will happen on playgrounds. It’s part of having fun. As parents and care givers we cannot always be there to catch our children, which is why it is so important to create the safest possible playground safety surface. When properly installed and maintained to a six inch depth, Aurora Rubber Flooring Mulch is IPEMA certified to provide up to 16 feet of critical fall height protection per ASTMF1292-04. What this means to our children is that the risk of a critical brain injury from falling from as high as 16 feet is minimal when landing on rubber mulch. IPEMA Certified Rubber Mulch When compared with other playground safety surfaces, the same depth of recycled rubber mulch will cushion a child’s fall better from 8 to 12 feet than grass, dirt, engineered wood fiber (wood mulch), rubber tiles or poured in place surfaces. Rubber Mulch is the perfect choice as a safety surface for your home playground, school playground, municipal playground or private playground. Our 12 year Color Lock Guarantee ensures that Aurora Rubber Flooring  Rubber Mulch will look fresh year after year. Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds is nontoxic and non-staining – the color will not rub off on children or pets, even in the rain. Plus, it is clean, minimizes airborne dust and particles, and will not result in painful splinters like wood mulch. Aurora Rubber flooring  Rubber Mulch is ready to play when you are, providing all-season head impact protection while suppressing weeds and discouraging pests.

  • rubber-mulch-black-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Black Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-super-sack-black-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Super Sack Black Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-earthtone-png

    Rubber Mulch Earthtone

  • rubber-mulch-super-sack-earthtone-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Super Sack Earthtone Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-redwood-png

    Rubber Mulch Redwood

  • rubber-mulch-super-sack-redwood-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Super Sack Redwood Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-blue-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Blue Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-super-sack-blue-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Super Sack Blue Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-forest-green-png

    Rubber Mulch Forest Green

  • rubber-mulch-super-sack-green-nugget-png

    Rubber Mulch Super Sack Green Nugget

  • rubber-mulch-cedar-png

    Rubber Mulch Cedar

  • rubber-mulch-cypress-1394513336-png

    Rubber Mulch Cypress

  • rubber-borders-earthtone-1389552247-png

    Rubber Borders Earthtone

  • rubber-borders-redwood-1396672720-png

    Rubber Borders Redwood