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12 June 2016


 June 12, 2016

Trade Show Flooring

One of your most important piece of your booth, Think about working all day on your feet for 12 hours, now think about your feet in pain because you stood on concrete all day. Now think about staying focused talking to a important customer as your feet and back hurt. Ya right, not going to work real well eh.

Well Aurora Rubber Flooring Inc can help with that problem we sell thousands of trade show flooring tiles all over North America every year, why maybe you ask, because we are the largest in North America and have dealers setup on both the USA side as well as the Canadian side of the border.

When you order from us direct from our website at www.aurora-rubber-flooring.com on the Canadain side or from www.americarubberflooring.com from our US side you know you will get the best floor on the market with the highest quality, because that’s what we do because we know this show and this booth is hugely important to your business as you are to us at Aurora Rubber Floooring & America Rubber Flooring.

Order your Trade Show Flooring today and make huge sales when your booth looks great and your body feels great from standing on a amazing soft floor.

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Normally all our trade show flooring takes about 7 to 10 business days to reach you.