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CrowdStopper Barricades

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Category Event Flooring & Accessories

Crowd Control Barricades, Steel Barricades & Police Barricades
The Standard Of Crowd Control Barricades For Police, Sports Events, Concerts, Politcal Events & Demonstrations


Barricade W/Bridge Foot    - $ 109.99 Each

Barricade W/Flat Steel Foot - $ 112.99 Each

Vinyl Coated Barricade Frame - Black/Orange  $ 125.99

( Custom Colours Available )

Size - 8 ft long X 43" Height


About CrowdStopper™

The CrowdStopper barricade by Aurora Rubber Flooring is ideal where high quality, attractive and durable crowd control is required. Built to proven design standards, CrowdStopper is built from high-quality carbon steel and is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance.

All CrowdStopper frames are made from durable 1.5" OD 16 gauge steel tubing, while uprights are made from 1/2" OD 16 gauge steel tubing. Uprights are fully inserted into the frame before welding, providing extraordinary strength. Choose from two foot systems: a detachable bridge foot or a detachable flat foot. Barricade interlock using the industry standard hook and half-loop fastening system.
Sections connect using our easy-to-use hook and loop fastening system.


CrowdStopper Benefits:

Interchangeable base/foot for easy storage and repairs
Hot-dipped galvanized for outdoor use
Interlocking barricade for perimeter security
Choice of 2 base systems
High gauge tubing for greater durability
Available in 3 finishes: galvanized steel, pvc-coated black and orange.


Choose between removable flat feet (GS02) or bridge feet (GS01).

PVC Vinyl-Coated CrowdStoppers

Aurora Rubber Flooring is pleased to offer PVC Vinyl Coated CrowdStoppers in a variety of colors. Now, our customers have a choice of steel barricades in durable, long-lasting and attractive colors. We stock black and orange, and have several additional color choices available on a special order basis. Please contact us about custom orders.

Vinyl coating is a superior alternative to other methods of coating steel, such as powder coating – which flakes and rubs off easily. Our PVC-coated CrowdStoppers are a result of a dip-molding process that forms a smooth, protective and wear-resistant coating over the steel base. This vinyl-coating process offer the user a wide color selection, corrosion-resistance, good chemical and electrical properties and excellent stability.